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Tuesday, 7 December 2004
Mood:  a-ok
I made a stew hamburger steak this evening. This dish was my first try. Since I had to bring it for my friend, I worryed about success it while I cooked all the time.
My mother is poor at cook. In fact, my father, my sister and I always have puzzled every day's dinner. I often remember my father's phrase " Occasionally, your mother make a dericious dishes". Do you think it is very interesting?
Then, I finished the cook, and brought it to my friend. She said it is dericious! However, I didn't believe it because I'm poor at cook too. But she had all of it as she said it's good! I was extremely pleased, and I wish I'm a good cook! Next, I try to make the Christmas dinner!!

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Wednesday, 1 December 2004
Mood:  cheeky
Today is December 1st! Christmas will come soon. Do you have any plan on this christmas?
Regrettably, I'll work my part time not only December 24th but also 25th. Every year I went out with my friends and held X'mas party, but this year all my friends who live in Nagoya have a boyfriend!I'm so disconsolate...However I'm going to see a musical on December 26th, and I have a lot of plans until the end of the year. I must be willing to work so hard! But, I want to have a Christmas cake...

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Monday, 29 November 2004
Extremely Happy!!
Mood:  surprised
Fortunately, I could pass the examination of qualification about trip! I was very very happy and excited!! The percentage of success is about 13% every year, so I had not confidence. However...I have a got the qualification, I have a got it! I determine that I work hard to do various things to my future!
Thanks to the qualification course, I'm more interested in foreign culture, so I continue studing. And I'll go to a lot of country someday!

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Mood:  incredulous

Can you believe that a man lives in this room? This foom is one of my corworker's room. At first, I visited his apartment, I was extremery amazed. His room was too dirty,and I had never seen like his room except some TV program. Then, we began to clean this room. We took about 2 hours, and the room made a litter clean. The cleaning exhausted us, so you should clean your room every day!

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Sunday, 28 November 2004
Pretty good!
Mood:  d'oh

This picture is my volley ball team when I was high school student. We are so friendly, so one of friend lives in Tokyo, other friend lives in Hiroshima, moreover, there is the friend who lives in America, but when we have a long vacation, we gather in our hometown! Then, we talk about a lot of recentry things each other for a long time as we have a dinner. It is so happy time! So they are my presure!!

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Saturday, 27 November 2004

Do you know this? This is World heritage in Germany. It's one of my favorite one. And it is model of Cinderella castle in Disney Land. It's so ramantic!
Anyway, I like to see World heritage, so I often watch the TV program and read books about it. I really want to go abroad to visit various wonderful World heritage. I decide to save money!!

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Friday, 26 November 2004
Mood:  crushed out
I called one of my friend since elementary school. We talked about this winter vacation. We'll take part in the ceremony of Coming of Age day. Moreover, we promised we will go to Kyoto in Juniuary. I like Kyoto, there are many temples and those make me comfortable. By the way, there is wonderful coffee shop near the shrine of Yasaka. If you ask the shop, I detail you to the place.

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Thursday, 25 November 2004
Mood:  happy
I went to a supermarcket. It held sale day! So I found a lot of cheep foods. Recently, the price of vegetable is so high because of typhoon, but today was different! For instance, lots of rabbit food was 100 yen! I was very surprised, and I was extremely happy!

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST
Mood:  lucky
Today, I got a pack from my family. The content was oranges. My home town is Hamamatsu in Shizuoka, so it famous fruit. The name is "Mikkabi Orange". The orange is so sweet! When I was pupil, I went to "Orange gari". I ate 20 oranges, so my classmate were very suprized! Now, I like orange. Anyway, it is true that if we have orange too much, our hand become more yellow?

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST

Mood:  lyrical
I went to gym at my university, and I played squash tennis. It was so exciting! When I was junior high scool student, I belonged to tennis club, so I'm good at tennis. Fortunately, thanks to the exercize, I lost my weight about 1 kirograms! I was so tired, but more pleased!

Posted by twinkle280 at 12:01 AM JST

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